Rebel’s Accelerate stores deliver an enhanced customer experience with interactive, user-centric technology. The Accelerate experience starts with a sleek and responsive LED video wall. Content is triggered on the screen by entering customers and then follows them as they pass through to the main store area.

Technology has then been integrated with the environment at key points to help Rebel effectively communicate their product offerings. The reimagined spaces use a variety of dynamic displays, interactive walls and kiosks. These technologies are all chosen to inspire customers to discover Rebels merchandise. The result is a fun retail experience that customers remember.

Some Project additions

Entwined worked with Rebel from concept through to deployment to bring their vision to life. We offered technical advice, design, interactive content, and ongoing support services to help them build and maintain their unique retail experience. Rebel is among the first retailers in Australia to truly drive their brand via interactive technologies. Their interactive video walls have been a wonderful success, attracting customers with a memorable retail experience.
You can now experience the Accelerate Stores at Rebel Bondi and Chatswood.

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