The Penrith flagship store was the first of its kind for Supercheap Auto, and set it apart from any other retail experience in Australia. Supercheap Auto and Entwined created an immersive and interactive experience for their customers with the use of sophisticated technology integrations. They used kiosks, digital screens, digital wayfinding and aisles in a store design that outperformed Australia’s top retailers.

The Penrith flagship store is now an iconic location. They start their customer experience with an impressive 8 x 4.5m outdoor LED Wall which overlooks the car park. Utilising their own FM radio transmitter, SCA patrons can tune in and watch automotive events on the LED screen right from their car. It’s a drive-in experience that supports their auto brand. This initial feature allows SCA to host events as well as activate their brand. Digital integration is now a concept which is successfully applied to every store location.

Some Project additions

Customers are greeted by car racing legends on the entry video wall when they enter the doors. It’s an interactive and personal touch that gets the customer on-side from the first step. Inside the flagship store, the brand concept continues with the main custom feature. They have an amphitheatre with a large ceiling-mounted octagonal frame utilising 8 x 84” LG panels. Customers have the ability to select content from the Supercheap Auto library using touchscreens which then gets displayed on the signature piece. It’s supported with audio by sound showers which help to create an immersive viewing experience that customers remember.


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