Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards (DMB’s) are fast becoming the norm in the food retailing industry globally.

It’s no secret that digital signage requires an initial investment, but globally this investment is shown to be recouped with 6-12 months due to increased sales and customer engagement.

The investment in DMB’s are helping food retailers to make improvements to their restaurants, their operations and their bottom lines. DMB’s improve the appearance of a restaurant, differentiate a location from its competitors, and make things easier for both staff and customers.

  • CMS for Customised Pricing
  • Custom Design
  • Customised Signage Enclosures
  • Fully Managed and Supported
  • Content Management System


Entwined is a leading provider for DMB solution in Australia and New Zealand. Entwined has solutions from single screens through to full site fit-outs where only your imagination and budget will set the limits to what can be done.

From standard DMB’s to touch kiosks to outdoor drive through enclosures, Entwined is your partner of choice.

We know that this type of investment is significant to our clients so we support our bundles with a 3 year onsite swap out services for the panels to protect your investment and maintain uptime.

Content & Templates

Entwined has a range of food retail templates for those wanted to get started quickly buy adding their images, fonts and colours to an existing template.
As well we have a full creative team that can quickly build unique on brand designs that can also fully integrate to BOH systems where possible.

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