Set Up The Ultimate Digital Signage Solution

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How your digital signage solutions turn from idea to reality

At Entwined, we combine impeccable technological and creative talent to bring you the ultimate digital signage solution. Our goal is always to enhance your customer engagement an experiences.For 15 years, we’ve been delivering stunning digital content that creates and impact and interactions with customers, while driving business. We’ve even won awards for our work and formed partnerships with some of the world’s most recognised brands.

With digital seemingly at the forefront of every marketing strategy, we're here to help you navigate the new normal. We'll help you to elevate your marketing strategy or optimise your customer service methods. No matter your business or your objectives, our team of in-house technicians, developers, builders, engineers and creatives are prepared to make your vision a reality.

As industry leaders, we deliver spectacular results on time every time. But don't take our word for it check out what our clients have achieved.

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You call, we deliver

Calling us is the first step to delivering your digital signage solution. You’ll chat with a member of our sales team, who will help you consider numerous ways to approach your concept and how our capabilities can be of benefit. They will work with you to flesh out your project’s key requirements and understand your concerns. That way, we can be sure our services would align with your needs.  

Our in-depth discussions would allow us to develop a proposal customised especially for your digital signage needs. This could include all key aspects of the project, including:

  • A detailed description of the digital signage setup
  • A comprehensive list of the technical elements
  • Any creative work required
  • Any content management solutions

Then the work really starts.

Your expert project management team

For any project to run smoothly, good organisation is essential. Our success stems from our Project Management Office (PMO). Their ability to partner the right team with the right methodology has been instrumental to our reputation for producing excellent results. Not only do they meet deadlines, but they also deliver a holistic approach to management. Some of their approaches include:

  • Strategic planning and governance
  • Best practices and process
  • Common language, culture and mindset
  • Resource management
  • Creating and maintaining project artifacts and toolsets.

For these reasons, we assign your project a project manager to ensure that your project goals are met across your project’s lifecycle by all the suppliers, contractors, and stakeholders involved. They would be the lifeblood of the project, ordering all the parts required for your project and ensuring that the technical hardware aspect of your solution is being built on schedule.

Improving your business through technology

Sometimes, your dream solution needs some elbow grease before it's workable. When that happens, our technology team comes into play. They'll utilise their skills and experience in full-stack development and engineering to create the technology needed for your digital signage solution.

Even for an uncomplicated project, the technology team would play a vital role in linking our Content Management Solution (CMS) - Link to SLAB? to your new digital signage solution. This sets your network up for success, whether you choose to manage it internally or have our team manage your content for you.

Our software and hardware

Examples of Entwined Digital Signage - Menu Boards and Drive Thru

We know that everyone's got different, and sometimes conflicting, customer service and marketing requirements. So we've developed a range of hardware and software options to suit almost every requirement. If you don't find what you're looking for, we stand by our motto of "Any Idea, Any Surface". We'll come up with a customised digital signage solution for you.

The CMS is an essential element of our digital signage solutions. All your content would be stored on a single database. That way, you can access your content any time you need it. Our partnership with world-class CMS vendors ensures that you're always the first to receive essential software fixes and updates.

Our Digital Displays are stunning, enterprise-grade digital canvases that engage your customers. They innovate on traditional static promotions by showing moving, changing designs that continue to catch the eye. We design our displays to be scalable so that you can continue to add more displays to your environment as your business grows. Some display options include indoor and outdoor touch kiosks, digital video walls and digital menu boards.

Create an all-round experience by pairing your digital signage with our In-Venue Music. Whether you'd like to download the latest trending tiktok sounds or create personalised messages for your customers, this takes your customer experience to the next level.

If you're looking for something even more interactive, our LED products would be the go-to. These unique light and colour displays support touch interactions, adding value to your customer experience. Available in various sizes and pixel pitch, LED products can be tailored to any environment. This creates a space that customers associate with you and only you. To ensure you get the best possible product, we only offer the highest quality LEDs from major manufacturers. like LG, Samsung, and NEC.

Dynamic Pricing Portals give you the freedom to update the price of menu items in a secure and controlled environment. It uses a patented database personalisation and localisation system to ensure all data is relevant to your location and can be changed whenever necessary.

Our Wayfinding Systems utilise interactive retail mapping solutions that allow customers to navigate locations with ease by using keywords, names, and products.

Our creative services, enhancing value

We pride ourselves as being the ultimate destination for all your digital signage needs. That wouldn't be possible without a full-service creative agency on board. Our creatives work with you to produce content that not only looks incredible, but also keeps your project's goals in mind.

Their knowledge of customer neuroscience and retail space strategy will ensure that your digital signage is in the best place possible to engage your customers and boost your bottom line. After all, what's the use of digital signage nobody sees right?

Creative options

Entwined Content Creation Retainer

With everyone competing for attention, eye-catching and memorable displays have never been more important. Our Creative team can help you to create on-brand displays that not look incredible, but also elevate your customer's experience and drive conversions.

Whether you’re launching a new product or promoting an upcoming event, our Promotional Designs and Videos are engineered to capture attention. We’ll combine our knowledge of customer behaviour with your brief and brand to create a promotional concept that can be adapted for multiple mediums, for maximum exposure. To enhace the impact, we’ve also been known to add audio elements to your videos, like voice-overs, sound FX and royalty-free music.

Your custom screens deserve bespoke designs, created to work with the screen’s placement and layout. We’ve helped our clients to create personalised and engaging content that drives customer interactions. Our designs are driven by data, to provide your customers with exactly what they need to ensure you stand out from the competition.

If you’d like some, but not full control of your content, we’ll create Editable Content Cards for your network. These offer a template where your unique messages can be configured and pushed to your displays. You’ll be able to access the HTML content cards directly through your digital signage network. In addition to that, we’d also supply training sessions and user guides so using your cards is always a breeze.

If you’re working to build your brand image, our Graphic Design Services can work with you to create custom artwork with various applications, including:

  • Corporate design (logos and stationery)
  • Publications (brochures, catalogues and more)
  • Packaging design
  • Advertising (print and digital)
  • Vehicle design

In addition, our creative team is also exceptional at Infographic Design and Animation to present information to your audience in a comprehensive and efficient way. With infographics riding in popularity, this would be an ideal way to educate and engage with your audience. Regardless of how you want your data displayed, we’ll make sure your message is clear and engaging.

While our creative services are here to support you, our support may not be necessary. If you’ve already got your own content creation team, our Content Manager will work with you to schedule and plan your campaigns.

Producing results, fast and assuring quality

Waiting for your digital signage solution to be ready can be excruciating, we know. So we won't make you wait any longer than necessary. Our managers, developers, labourers and creative consultants all work concurrently to ensure your digital signage solution is ready to go as fast as possible.

That doesn't mean we rush the job. Our meticulous team of engineers tests, pre-stages and configures everything in right in our warehouse to ensure you only get the best. All of your content would also be downloaded onto your screens and pre-loaded, ready to go. So all you need to do is plug in your displays and you're good to go, even if your content isn't connected to the internet yet!

Delivering the final product

Once we've ensured that your displays pass our quality checks, they'll be on their way to you for installation.

An expert team of builders, electricians, engineers and technicians would, managed by a site supervisor, complete the deployment of your digital displays, bringing your site to life. Once installed, we stay on-site until we've confirmed all the components of your displays are online.

From there, your digital signage solution will be in your hands.

Continued support

That doesn't mean we'll leave you to sink or swim. While the project may be completed, our support team is always available to help. They continue to maintain your network behind the scenes to ensure that your digital displays keep providing a return for years to come.

Our experienced support engineers keep downtime to a minimum by addressing issues as quickly as they come. With our multitude of support services and products, leave the stress of managing your digital signage solution with us. You get to focus purely on building your business.

Our support services

Entwined Support Portal

On the rare occasions you can't get in touch with our Support Helpline, our Support Portal gets you in touch with us any time you need help. Its easy to use interface allows you to store, track and manage your support requests. New features are constantly being added to improve its usability and functionality, based on what you really need.

Hardware fixes are usually a little bit trickier, but our Express Replacement Program replaces any faulty hardware with record time. To ensure your systems are up as fast as possible, we'll configure everything prior to installation. Which means all you need to do is plug your replacement screen in, and you're good to go!

If you're looking to reduce downtime even further, EnDash may be just the thing for you. This holistic support dashboard would autonomously monitor your network and input status. You'll never have to manually check the health of your network again. Just let Endash know when you'd like to receive reports, and it'll push a comprehensive overview of your network's health right to your email (??). If you do face an issue, you'll be able to access all the information you need absolutely anywhere, even allowing you to take screenshots of the problem screen remotely, for the most efficient troubleshooting.

The best part about it is that media player failure will never be a problem again. Endash lets you set pre-install backup content to your displays, ensuring that even if your internet is down, your displays will keep running.

Let’s get started!

At Entwined, we deliver so much more than just digital displays. Our interactions with our clients and how we handle our projects are proof of this. We aren’t just developers. We’re planners, designers, builders, artists, engineers, testers, and support staff here to bring your digital signage dream to life. No matter how big your goals are, our team are ready to help you make them happen.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and developing a lasting partnership.

Got other questions? We welcome them.

Call our head office on 1300 874 357!

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