How Entwined continues to support you beyond installation

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

How Entwined continues to support you beyond installation

At Entwined, we pride ourselves on bringing you stunning digital signage solutions that enhance your customer engagement. Our unique combination of technological and creative talent makes us an industry leader when it comes to digital advertising screen production.

However, if you’re thinking the Entwined team only excels at developing and installing these digital advertising screens, you’d be very much mistaken. We are also the best in the country for managing these screens post-installation. Our job isn’t over once your screens are up and running after the initial install. Instead, we continue to work alongside you as your business partner, always ready to resolve any issues.

Our support team is available 24/7 to minimise any downtime your network might experience. Together with the content team, they’ll ensure your digital advertising screens are always showing the latest campaigns. That way, you can sit back, let us do all the hard work and watch as your screens work to bring in those conversions.

Our Support Portal: bringing you solutions on demand

Keep your network running how you want it with our Support Portal.

This easy-to-use ticketing system allows you to store, manage and track your support requests. We know that issues don’t always happen during business hours. So, our Support portal makes problem-solving simple by allowing you to send in tickets 24/7. To ensure issues get fixed as soon as possible, our incredible engineers are also available after hours and on weekends!


Our Support Portal has some pretty cool features, it allows you to:

o   log tickets directly into the platform and add comments for a speedier solution

o   monitor your ticket’s progress as our engineers work on it

o   store all previous tickets and installation details, helping speed up resolution times.

We’re ambitious people, so we strive to find and resolve the root cause of any issues within four hours. Of course, on the slim chance that you’re facing more extensive issues with your digital advertising screens, more time may be needed. You can rest easy knowing you’ll never be out-of-the-loop in these scenarios though. The support portal keeps you informed every step of the way. So, you’ll also be part of the solution.

Real-time problem-solving with Endash

Entwined Digital Advertising Screen Support Portal

As if the support portal wasn’t impressive enough, we’ve also developed the Endash, to give you a complete view of the health of your digital advertising screen network. With the Endash dashboard, you can troubleshoot and optimise your media players all in real time.

Our digital advertising screens are reliable. But we know, like with all technology, bad things happen. Endash allows us to take a proactive approach and alerts you immediately when these issues occur. It also lets you monitor and even maximise the uptime of your network without having to wait for external support. It is probably the best hands-off support dashboard you’ll ever experience.

Some of the things Endash does for you include:

o   reducing your reliance on local staff

o   highlighting any network, application or device facing issues

o   providing the details required to fix these issues.

It doesn’t matter how your digital advertising screen is configured. Endash allows you to take advantage of it well beyond installation.

Fast replacements with the Express Replacement Program (ERP)

Entwined Digital advertising screen installation

If you’re thinking it can’t get any better than the support portal and Endash, strap in. Our ERP works like an insurance plan for your digital signage solution. You’ll be mind-blown by how much the ERP helps to reduce your digital advertising screens’ downtime.

All our media players are covered by a three year warranty. ERP extends that to 5 years, and also ensures that if there was an issue with your media player we’ll have a replacement out within the day if you’re in a metro area.

The ERP covers you so well that you won’t be charged anything at all for the replacements, technicians, staging or delivery.

Our Content Management Team: always adding value

Entwined's Content Management Solution

After investing all that time and money the last thing you’d want is to have your digital advertising screen fade into the background. Our Content Management team is here to keep your screens relevant and playing customer-delighting, industry leading innovative content.

The content team works as a full-service creative agency to create functional and engaging designs based on consumer neuroscience principles. Our creative directors, designers, videographers, strategists, copywriters, solution architects and production managers work together to ensure your digital advertising screen gets people talking.

Naturally, our team will sit down with you to get an in-depth understanding of your brand voice, its goals and personality. This just ensures an omnichannel approach where your in-store messaging integrates seamlessly with your online presence.

What’s next?

Whether you’ve worked with us before or are looking for your first digital advertising screen, we are ready and available to help. We recognise that there is much more to digital displays than development and installation. Maintenance of your digital advertising screen is just as important (perhaps even more so) when optimising your customer experience. For this reason, we have a comprehensive support system that is ready and waiting to meet your needs.

Do you have other questions about our support options or want to make a general inquiry?

Call our head office on 1300 874 357.

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