Mobile Signage Solution for Keeping Customers Engaged During COVID-19

Monday, August 3, 2020

Safety and Digital Messaging is now becoming a necessity as the pandemic continues to evolve. A communications platform is only effective as it’s reach and here at Entwined, we strive to help our customers extend their messaging capabilities in-store through a Mobile signage solution whilst maintaining safety. In the ever-changing reality that exists, where working whilst maintain social distancing is becoming more prevalent, we want to help keep our customers informed and up to date in terms of safety signs, promotional campaigns, product education and advertising.

What is a Mobile signage solution?

A Mobile signage solution comprises of:

  • Commercial grade screen ranging from sizes 32″ to 70”
  • High performance mobile AV Trolley with integrated bracket
  • Smart filter power board
  • Optional enterprise grade 4G Modem

Where and how can you use it?

  • Sidewalk advertising– Whether you are having a sale or a store update, these signs are perfect for conveying your message. To maximise effectiveness, Entwined’s creative team can help you customise your on screen content to draw attention to it.
  • In-store promotional use– For a big store, simply move the screen around to hotspots or for different deals.
  • Safety sign – Facility organisation use digital signs to to alert employees to potential hazards, simply provide directions, restricting smoking areas and restricting access or observing unsafe environments.
  • Directional signs – Great for indicating walk signs and parking space availability in parking garages and routes to navigate the parking structure.
  • Restaurants/Cafes– The mobility of the sign allows for placing inside or outside and is perfect for using in catering situations. When displaying the sign outside a restaurant or cafe, focus on a few popular and unique menu items that would entice a passerby.
  • Video conferencing meeting point – Use it to virtually meet your essential staff working on site by additions to your mobile solution with a wide lens camera and a mini PC.

Key Features of the Mobile Signage Solution

With social distancing practices becoming the norm, there has been a change in the way we interact and engage with our customers, therefore this solution gives you a simple, secure and movable solution to get your content and messaging to your customers. Some of they key features of this solution are covered below:

  1. Centralised publishing from a powerful Content Management System (CMS) – Change content on fly, ability to get live updates and feeds so that your clients can be updated instantaneously.
  2. Secure Content – Ability to secure your digital signage as the panel itself can be fully locked down to avoid any outside tampering.
  3. Content Scheduling – Ability to create scheduling information at various levels. These levels may increase in complexity such as: scheduling a single piece of content, followed by the scheduling of a playlist of content in a media zone widget, and finally scheduling layouts within a sign.
  4. A Commercial-grade display – Commercial-grade displays offer more durable hardware as compared to consumer-grade screens more common in homes. Also, commercial-grade screens offer more inputs for external device connection & interoperability.
  5. Easy to use software – CMS is used to create, edit, and publish the content that the audience is meant to see, interact with or on which to take action.
  6. Dynamic content integrations – Dynamic content integrations make the digital signage solution effective in delivering relevant & engaging content in a timely, engaging, easily duplicable fashion. The integrations allow operators to update the on-screen content without user involvement.
  7. High performance mobile trolley – With anodized aluminum construction, adjustable height, extruded aluminium central support legs, and integrated cable management.
  8. Engaging content – Whether the primary aim is to advertise, educate, inform, or entertain, no digital signage solution can stand on its own without engaging content. An effective digital signage system needs to first grab the attention of the audience – then keep their attention long enough to consume the message and take the desired action because “content is king”.

We’re here to help!

We would love to understand more about your requirements. Got an idea but don’t know how to make it a reality? Let one of our experts give you a call and discuss the options available. No hard sell, just sound advice and great ideas. You can contact us by email at or by phone 1300 874 357.

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Mobile Signage Solution for Keeping Customers Engaged During COVID-19

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