Technology that improves
customer experiences

There are many technologies available for improving customer experiences, but knowing which are suitable takes knowledge and experience. We’re able to make the right choices for you by pairing a holistic understanding of your business requirements with our team’s skills in full-stack development, electrical engineering and creative design to create a dynamic customer experience.

Award-Winning Retail Excellence

Retail excellence comes from customer-centric user experiences. We understand that multichannel shopping experiences are needed for retail survival, but we believe that a well-designed customer journey is far more important to customer satisfaction.

At Entwined, we pride ourselves in leveraging the right technologies to create optimum experiences and to empower our clients to exceed customer expectations again and again.

The solution that

your business can rely on

Content Management System

The CMS is a crucial aspect of any digital signage solution, consolidating all content into a single source of truth for flexible and strategic execution and maximum results.

Digital Displays

Our range of enterprise-grade digital displays create high-impact, flawless canvases through which to engage and direct your customers.

In-Venue Music

Customise your music, communicate with customers through personalised messages and strengthen the aesthetic of your brand with the right audio to match.


We focus on creating unique, fit-for-purpose LED installations including supporting touch solutions and infinite designs to add value to your customer experience. 

Personalise and Localise

Ensure key information is always as it should be with our dynamic pricing portal or through automated updating to personalise and localise for individual locations.

Retail Analytics

Collecting anonymous audience intelligence is an incredibly powerful tool to understanding your customers and gaining key profile and behaviour analytics to inform business decisions.


Interactive retail mapping is fully customisable and allows customers to easily and quickly locate what they need under keywords, names or products.

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